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Aditi. Aventurine Love Heart Angel Pendant

Angel pendant for beloved ladies from green aventurine. Its lower body looks like a love heart.

13.50 *
Old price 16.95 €
In stock

Adie. Aventurine Small Fairy Pendant, faceted

Small fairy pendant from faceted green aventurine. These smaller pendants are loved by girls.

9.95 *
Old price 12.95 €
In stock

Archangel Raphael Necklace with Aventurine

The necklace is handmade from faceted and polished aventurine, quartz, white agate, Toho beads and 925 silver clasp and metal beads.


95.00 *
Old price 119.00 €
In stock

925 Silver Aventurine Calla Fairy Pendant

41.95 *
Old price 52.95 €
In stock
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