Archangel Raphael Necklace with Aventurine

Archangel Raphael Necklace with Aventurine

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The necklace is made from faceted and polished aventurin, clear quartz and white agate. Some faceted and Toho glass beads are also being used at the last part of the necklace - the one that goes around your neck, but can be replaced with clear quartz if desired (extra charge applies).

The clasp and all other metal parts used for the necklace are from 925 sterling silver.

Archangel Raphael’s name means “God heals” and he helps people dedicated to healing.  Call on him to help with any injuries or illnesses you or others (including animals) are suffering with. He can also help with developing your healing work - including with any needed studies or building a private practice. In addition to that, Archangel Raphael aids those who are travelling.

Aventurine assists with nervousness, stress and sleep disorders. It helps free from anxiety and roving thoughts. On the level of the body, it protects against heart attack and arteriosclerosis, and also releaves rashes, inflammations, sunburn and sunstroke.*

Clear quartz (also known as rock crystal) is connected with clarity. It helps improve the memory and bring clarity in thinking. Physically, it intensifies the energy flow, strengthens the nerves and the brain and helps with soothing pains and swellings.*

White agate brings inner peace and self-confidence and promotes tolerance and understanding. Physically, it is good for the eyes, brain, skin, lymph and tissues. White agate is also known as a great protective stone during pregnancy.*

Length of the necklace: about 43.5 cm (17.1 in)

Length of the pendant: about 3.7 cm (1.5 in)

*Please, keep in mind that the usage of gemstones and minerals should not replace any medical treatment or advice.

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