Elegant Rose Quartz and 925 Silver Necklace

Elegant Rose Quartz and 925 Silver Necklace

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Crystal: rose quartz (polished and faceted)
Properties of rose quartz: Sensitivity. It helps increase empathy and clearly illuminate personal needs and the desires of others. Physically, it helps harmonize the heart beat and can also help with fertility.

Rose quartz have been used as a love crystal since hundreds of years. It is said that it helps attract a suitable partner. It also helps develop and increase self-love, romantic and ability to love others.*

Star signs: Cancer, Aries, Taurus

The doughnut-shaped crystal (also known as "pi-disk") is a popular lucky charm in Asia. In China they are used as amulets and protection symbols, which repel evil and only let good approach us.

The Pi-Disk is also interpreted as a heavenly symbol. "Wan pi" means unbroken ring and is a symbol of eternity.

Colour: light pink
Metal chain and clasp: 925 sterling silver

Wire: 925 sterling silver

Clasp: Lobster clasp. It is big and comfortable to use.

Total length: about 45 cm (17.8 in). It can be prolonged in accord with your wishes.

The pendant is about 7 cm long (2.8 in) - this measurement includes the doughnut-shaped stone and the briolette.

*Please, keep in mind that the usage of gemstones and minerals should not replace any medical treatment or advice.

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