Mab. Moonstone Angel Pendant

Mab. Moonstone Angel Pendant

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Crystal: moonstone
Properties of moonstone (based on Michael Gienger):Intuition. It bestows depth of feeling and makes receptive to inspiration and impulses. Physically, it helps bring hormonal cycles in harmony with the natural rhythms and can also help with problems during menstruation, menopause and after childbirth.*
Colour: milky white, gray-brown, gray, orange (mainly light orange)
Metal beads: silver-plated, tested nickel and lead free

Wire: silver-plated copper
Clasp: Bail. It can be hanged on metal chains, rubber and leather cords.
Total length (incl. clasp): about 5 cm (2 in)


*Please, keep in mind that the usage of gemstones and minerals should not replace any medical treatment or advice.



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