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How Can We Serve You?

If you are looking at a website about angels, you are likely to be one of those special people, who know that the world is more than what our eyes can see.


We love working with resellers. Here you will find a list with the great shops, from which our angel jewels fly to their new owners.

What Makes Us Unique and Special?

  • Each and every piece is lovingly handcrafted in our studio in Bavaria (Germany).
  • We are determined to offer top quality and only work with hand-picked gemstones, 925 sterling silver and best quality nickel and lead free precious metal plated components.

A picture of a lapis lazuli angel pendant with 925 sterling silver wire and metal beads.

  • Our Gem Angels are meaningful and inspiring presents.  Not only are they beautiful, but also symbolically represent love, hope, safety, trust.
  • They are suitable for many occasions - and we do not simply mean birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. By giving an angel jewel you can make a clear statement: “I care about you.” By giving an angel jewel, you can uplift the spirit of a friend, who is struggling with challenges in their life: emotional, physical, financial, love-related. By giving an angel jewel you can express your best wishes to loved ones, who are making a major step of any kind, such as moving abroad, going to university, starting a new job, taking the leap to self-employment, etc. And – as long as you feel in harmony with the idea – by giving an angel jewel, you can remind someone that their angels are always with them ready to offer help and support.
  • You name it – we probably have it. At present we offer gem angels from 40 of the most popular crystals in different shapes (including facetted, matt-finished, shaped like flowers, leaves, love hearts, etc.), and regularly broaden our catalogue.
  • We do custom orders and would happily alternate any item of your choice, as long as the needed materials are on stock. Feel free to contact us with your wishes, ideally before placing an order.
  • We only use natural crystals and believe that they have the power to positively influence one’s wellbeing. While crystals do NOT replace medication or the visit at the doctor’s, they can support our healing process.
  • Last but not least - we absolutely love what we do!

And just that you know – what you currently see on this website is not everything we create. We are in a process of adding more pages and items.


From River Grace:

Why exactly Angels?

This is a question I am being frequently asked, along with "How did you come up with this idea?" And the answer is simple:

I love Angels!

I also hope that the Gem Angels will serve as a reminder to their owners that the real Angels are always by their side.

Love, Light and Blessings,

River Grace




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