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How Can We Serve You?

If you are looking at a website about angels, you are likely to be one of those special people, who know that the world is more than what our eyes can see. You know that real happiness comes from within and from being connected with the Source (or whatever you call it). You have probably taken time to heal some of your past wounds – and even if you haven’t achieved the level of peace that you strive for, you are on your way there.

You enjoy being inspired, as well as inspiring others.


What your challenges tend to be?

As every human being, you sometimes also feel down, fearful or helpless and need a reminder that you will be taken care of.

Or, quite likely, you know others who tend to fall into this trap and want to uplift their spirit and to empower them.

What might help?

Years ago I had the habit of drawing little inspirational pictures whenever I felt that some of my friends needed it. Some of them later told me that finding the picture somewhere between their things made them smile.

So, inspirational books, cards, pictures, or small objects that one can easily carried around or hanged on a visible place at home can be really helpful.


What can I offer?P1010008_River_Grace_new_1.1

Being a designer, I am obviously not in a position to help you solve all your problems. However, many clients have told me that my handmade angel jewels have touched, uplifted and inspired them and/or their loved ones.

The angel jewels are made with natural crystals, so they can be chosen not only based on color, but also based on their properties or connection to star signs.

Feel free to browse the current categories – and contact us, if you need help with determining the suitable crystal (or if need some other stone).

I can also custom-make a necklace or a jewelry set for you.

The jewels come gift-wrapped and with some extra inspiration in the form of a card with an angel saying.


What if you have turned your passion for inspiring and helping others into a profession and own a spirituality/ crystal/ gift shop – or a holistic practice?

If you are interested in selling our products, or using them as client presents, please contact us and provide a document of proof that you are a business owner. We have a different price list for you.


Do we also work with jewelry shop owners and other retail shop buyers?

Gladly! For larger companies we can even create a special collection that will not sell elsewhere.